Are you looking for a reputable event organizer in Ha Nam? Convention Center - Restaurant Hoang Gia Tien Loc will be a great suggestion for you.

Hoang Gia is proud to be one of the Top 3 the best event organization services in Ha Nam province. Convention Center - Restaurant Hoang Gia Tien Loc with a team of professional staff, has many years of experience in organizing parties and events, the menu has a variety of dishes from Asia to Europe, prepared by the famous chef of Hoang Gia restaurant from fresh ingredients, meeting food hygiene and safety standards, along with that is a modern sound and image system, sure to bring success to all your parties.

Especially, Tien Loc Palace Hotel is implements the “Meeting package 2022”  program for events, restaurants with the following content:
Free sound and led screens:
  + Content: 
  • Free sound, led screen lobby 2 for parties from 50 guests
  • Free sound, led screen lobby 1 for parties from 70 guests
  • Free decoration, basic setup
+ Subjects of application: For guest booking a table at the hotel's website, fanpage or Hotline 0334.025.666 - 0986.074.989 

+ Duration of application: From 01/11/2022 to 31/01/2023

+ Notice: Don’t apply simultaneously with other promotions

If you also want to have a successful party, designed in your own style, please contact Hoang Gia Tien Loc Restaurant Convention Center via Hotline 0334.025.666 - 0986.074.989 for immediate support!